Bobby Rio And Rob Judge’s “Magnetic Messaging”- That’s What’s Up!

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Delight her with your texting skills…

In this new digital age of ours there is no doubt that proper texting skills are a necessity if you are on the dating scene.

Even if you are like me and you don’t want to text much (or at all), there will still be times that it’s necessary, AND- for most guys who date women, texting is something that you have got to do, day in and day out to keep in touch with your ladies!

Enter Bobby and Rob… two NYC dating experts/mackin’ pimps, who know their way around a cellular telephone… Well, their text game got so tight that they had to share it with the world and the result is the manifesto called “Magnetic Messaging”

In this review of Magnetic Messaging I’ll quickly share what I liked and disliked about the program, and give you a my recommendation on whether I think it is really all that it’s cracked up to be…

Basic Details On Magnetic Messaging…

The program is a downloadable course that you get over the internet which includes a main PDF manual as well as a second training system called “The Infatuation Formula” which is said to be able to help you create your own little “fan club” or as I like to call it a HAREM of women who are all just waiting for their chance to be with you… NICE.

You also get a Magnetic Mastermind Kit full of in depth analysis of texts where they fix up boring texts and turn them into sure fire winners. Because it’s a “Mastermind” what that means is that you get to hear all sorts of advances dating strategies and techniques, not just from Rob and Bobby, but also from and assortment of their top associates from all different demographics

And- “The 99 Best Texts of All Time” Which provides you with proven texts for every situation that you could run into. Let’s say you can’t think of a good text to send to her on her birthday? … Just check the book. Don’t know what to text her when you want to hook up? Check the book… etc…

My Magnetic Messaging: Pros & Cons List

  • Pro #1) Made for EVERY guy – I’ve looked at a number of texting guides at this point, and one thing that I have found is that most of the time they try to tell you to send text exactly like the author of the book. That’s a problem, because if the author has a personality that is very different from yours then you will feel uncomfortable sending those sorts of texts, and they will seem weird to the girl you are texting too, because they will not be congruent with your personality. But in this program you get a choice, either you can send out texts as they are directly from the main manual or the 99 Best Texts Book or you can easily come up with your own stuff based on what you learn… Bobby and Rob go into great detail on how to take regular, boring texts like the ones that you are normally sending now and making them awesome, and once you get that figured out it’s a piece of cake.
  • Pro #2) The arsenal of  “Golden Responses” – In the 99 Best Texts Book, you will get as I said, great texts for every situation. If you are like me you have probably found yourself sitting there at some point saying “how the heck do I respond to THIS?”… Now you’ll know.
  • Pro #3) More than just texting greatness – The thing with the program creators is that they are really more than just texting experts, They are all around dating experts who are great at explaining attraction and, how to communicate and talk with women. This program in particular by Bobby Rio is a prime example of just how well he understands how to effectively communicate and flirt with women to get them loving you and hanging on your every word. So, not only will this help you with your texting, but also with your success with women and dating in general.
  • Con #1) More Work For Older Guys – How can I put this… If you are 35+ or maybe 40+ then I think a lot of the texts in here are going to need a little tweaking. Like I said, it is made for “every guy”, but it is my personal opinion that the done for you texts are better suited for the 18-35 demographic because they are so fun and youthful… If you are 42 and looking for a texting guide, this is still probably going to be the best thing for you, but like I said you may need to spend a bit more time tweaking those texts to make them more congruent.

Final Recommendation On Magnetic Messaging:

If you are looking to do better with women, so you can line up dates easily after you get the number, then proper texting is a must.

Rob and Bobby’s texting guide Magnetic Messaging is without a doubt the best texting guide currently available for men, grab a copy and see for yourself: Here’s The Link For Magnetic Messaging