Conversation Escalation Review (Bobby Rio’s Make Small Talk Sexy Program)

(UPDATE: This is now our official #1 guide for how to talk to girls)

Alrighty… I wanted to kick off this new PUA Book review site with a review of one of my very favorite programs: Conversation Escalation by Bobby Rio. In the future I may try to incorporate a more standardized rating system and template for reviews, but for now I am just going to shoot from the hip and tell you my thoughts on what I like and dislike.

So, what can I say about Convo Escalation…

Well, this is not your typical PUA program by any means. Although this website will be reviewing all sorts of so called “pick up artist” books and audio courses etc… I want to state that I tend to prefer guides that aren’t full of complicated PUA lingo and immature gobbledy-guck. And luckily this program is not like that.

About The Author: Bobby Rio

Bobby Rio is a dating expert who has been quickly growing in popularity over the past few years. Several years ago he started the website which is now very popular for bringing guys great articles, not only about dating, but also more general lifestyle stuff, as well as hot pictures of all kinds of female actresses etc…

Additionally Bobby has become a well respected and outspoken expert on women, dating, texting, and in particular how to talk to and flirt with girls. Unlike a lot of other dating gurus and pick up artists, Bobby uses his real name and is very down to earth and the advice that he gives guys is easy to understand and is NOT full of a lot of out there theoretical stuff.

About The Program: Conversation Escalation (Make Small Talk Sexy)

If you are like I used to be then you know how hard it can be to have a good conversation with a stunningly attractive woman. It is often hard to even think about approaching a girl and starting a conversation because you doubt that you will be able to get her interested in you and it sucks when things fizzle out and the conversation starts tanking.

SO, if you are a guy who struggles when talking to women you will probably get a lot out of this program because it provides a great deal of actionable strategies to keep your conversations running smoothly and keeping the women that you are talking to interested in getting to know you better.

Conversation Escalation is a program Bobby Rio created to help guys who are shy or who struggle with talking to women. Bobby learned these skills because he himself used to be very shy around women that he was attracted to, so when you learn from him you get the sense that he REALLY understands these kinds of situations, so it is really easy for me to relate to the stuff that he says.

The program is a fully didgital audio training course. Last I checked there were 7 modules, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Bobby had gone back and updated this program, because he definitely took a lot of pride in creating it…

The stated goal of the program is to help guys get their minds to explode with things to talk about, so that the conversation will continue to flow easily and effortlessly. This allows you to feel confident, natural, and relaxed – even when you are standing right in front of some incredibly beautiful woman.

Getting to this point of conversation mastery requires that you learn how to basically “steer” a conversation along, and be able to identify the conversational “hooks” that a woman is going to be giving you. You also learn how to get to talk about the kinds of things that you want to talk about.

And perhaps one of the most important parts of Bobby’s program is learning how to inject a certain vibe into the conversation that lets her know that this isn’t just friendly small talk. Because as bobby points out you can have an hour long amazing conversation with a woman, but if don’t get her to think or you in an emotional way you are going straight to the friends zone or maybe just the acquaintance zone..

You can visit his website at: Conversation Escalation to read a full description of everything that you get with the course and watch a video presentation that he has created.

My Personal Opinion of Bobby’s Conversation Escalation program…

I HIGHLY recommend Conversation Escalation.

Bobby answers pretty much every question that a guy might have about how to talk to women, and addresses every roadblock guys run into. Plus – this topic of how to talk to women is something that most guys just never take the time to master, and it’s just so important. I mean really, if you like dating girls what could be more important than this?

You can visit the website here

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