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Squirting Orgasm On Command

Get Her Addicted To You!

Alrighty, today’s review touches on a topic that is a real favorite of mine… SQUIRTING!

Like a lot of guys, I always used to wonder what the real story on squirting was…. Sure I had seen the movies, and heard the stories from my buddies about how some girls just start spraying all over the place like a broken fire hydrant, but this is something that I wasn’t able to experience for myself until just recently.

There is definitely a TON of misinformation out there about how to make chicks squirt, and this new program “Squirting Orgasm On Command” should definitely answer some questions that you may have on the topic..

This is a review — Click Here for the Official Squirting Orgasm On Command Website…

So first things first… As the name implies this is a program that shows you how you can can give women full body squirting experiences in the bedroom, on command, meaning anytime that you want…

Of course this is kind of a “mature” topic, so if you are a TOTAL prude then, then you probably will want to move on because, while this won’t be a vulgar write up, it is about squirting Os after all!

What’s The Idea Behind “Squirting On Command”?

The sad fact is that most guys just have no idea what women really want in the bedroom…

Sure she may say that what you are doing feels “nice”… Or she might even make noises that make you think she is climaxing, but a lot of the time this is just her faking because she wants you to finish! I know, you may be thinking NOT MY GIRL! But trust me dude, chicks will NEVER tell you that you suck in bed and that you aren’t getting them off, because they don’t want that confrontation.

Instead, they’ll just silently resent you, and eventually if you aren’t pleasuring her she is gonna end things or even hook up with another dude who can get the job done for real, and when that happens, you are toast. I’m not saying that to scare you, but it is a reality and that’s one of the reasons this program was created.

How is This Going To Help?

Basically it’s simple… You make your girl squirt and she is gonna be like WHOA, holy crap, what just happened?!?!?! And think you are some kind of sex God…

The idea is that by making  her come harder than any other man ever has in her life then she is never going to want to give you up or think about hooking up with some other dude, basically she is going to be sexually ADDICTED to you, so she’s gonna want it from you all the time. Good deal.

Of course if your chick already squirts on the reg, then it won’t be that big a deal to her, but if she is new to this sort of thing then believe me, she’ll be in shock when you bust out with Lexi’s Squirting On Command technique.

Lexi Love’s Squirting On Command — Pros And Cons…

The best things about this program are:

1) A trusted source – There are a lot of people who talk about squirting who have no idea what they are talking about, and the last thing you want is to get the wrong information on this type of thing… So it’s reassuring to know that this program was created by the “Squirting Queen” herself, Lexi Love. This girl is a real hottie, so she is fun to watch on video, and more importantly she is also a squirting expert who’s taught hundreds of people in the adult industry how to squirt and has even gotten nominated for like 7 AVN awards… This is the woman that adult actresses so to to learn to squirt, so you can trust she knows a thing or two – Plus the other girl in the program (Alexa Aimes) is an actual NURSE/adult actress so not only is she a sex and squirting expert, but she also has a legit medical background she knows all the science about the human body and how squirting works on a scientific level… So in other words, these women probably know more about squirting than ANYONE else on the planet.

2) Simple to pull off – You might be thinking that you need to be like some hung athlete in the bedroom in order make this work, but that’s really not the case at all. In fact, you don’t need to be packin a python or be in good shape at all to use Lexi’s techniques… It’s sad to admit because I’m still in my mid-30s, but I’m not out of shape and have a lot less stamina than I used to, but that really isn’t an issue at all. In fact, Lexi has a way that you can get a girl squirting in less than 15 seconds flat, boom!

3) The results – This isn’t really a product feature (you can read all about the features, bonuses, etc… here), but probably the coolest thing about this program is the fact that you are gonna feel like the fresking MAN  when you know how to make any girl squirt… so if you are a single guy, women will definitely be picking up on that confident vibe, and wanting to hook up…


1) EGOS - The downside is that a lot of guys probably have too big of egos to admit that they should learn this. As guys we like to think that we already are the man, and the best she’s ever had… Most guys are too proud to admit that they really need to improve on their bedroom performance… Even when the truth is that you can ALWAYS get better, and if you are serious about keeping a great woman around then you definitely want to know how to make her squirt!


Man I wish I learned this when I was in college, back then I was so bad in bed it was like a scene out of the 40 Year Old Virgin… As guys we lose a lot of women and we don’t know why, but I have learned that when you can please her on this level she really will become sexually addicted.

So if you are seriousabout becoming her best lover ever then I HIGHLY recommend learning from Lexi and Alexa… (Plus they make learning A LOT of fun) Click Here to Download Lexi Love’s Squirting On Command Now!

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