Bobby Rio’s “Player’s Paradigm” Review: Will It Teach You To Think Like A Player?

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Like a player!

Hey, I’ve got a really cool program to tell you about today called “The Player’s Paradigm” that’s all about learning the mindsets that all “players” have in common that make it so much easier for them to hook up with a lot of women.

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I’ve reviewed a lot of dating, pick-up, and seduction guides over the years, but I usually skip over anything priced for under 50 bucks or so, simply because most cheap products are just some 20 page PDF of stuff I already know!

However, after logging into the member’s area for The Player’s Paradigm I was pretty shocked at just how much content is actually included in this program. And, much more importantly, this is actually really interesting stuff that I had never seen before, even in Bobby’s other programs like Unlock Her Legs, Magnetic Messaging, Conversation Escalation, and his Social Training Lab… And his other products are some of the best in existence.

So, without any further ado – let’s talk about what you’ll learn inside the program…

What’s It All About?

Bobby explains this program as the culmination of 12 years of research spent observing the “players” he hung out around.

The whole program is based around 7 Paradigm Shifts that will have you thinking like a player.

A paradigm is like a way of thinking. It’s kind of a 50 cent word so here’s the dictionary definition if you aren’t h the idea of a paradigm: “a typical example or pattern of something; a model.”

So these “player paradigms” are like patterns of thinking that Bobby observed all players having.

What’s cool is that since I am a bit of a player, I notice that I share all of these player paradigms myself to some degree.

These are ways of thinking that you will naturally develop over time on your own if you spend a lot of time dating and hooking up with attractive women. But the idea with this program is to learn them now so you can have a paradigm shift and start incorporating these paradigms into your thinking.

It’s good stuff, Bobby explains each of these paradigms in a way that is fun to listen to and also enlightening at the same time.

Each of these “hacks” like like “Chasing the Raven” or “The Power Switch” is explained in a training video. This is beneficial in my opinion because it means that you can just think about one of these things at a time and really wrap your head around it. I’d definitely recommend going through each video at least 3 times if not more because you really want to make sure you are getting this stuff.

There is also a bunch of bonus material including: “Social Ninja Smoke Bombs” and some other bonus training.

Is There A Downside To This Training?

In the case of this program it’s that this information probably wouldn’t satisfy a guy who is looking for specific lines or routines. You’ve got the be open to the “inner game” behind your success to appreciate this.

That said, there is more actionable info in here than there is in

That being said I think that inner-game is the most important stuff to learn in order to achieve high levels of lasting success. So I’d definitely recommend learning it.

My Recommendation:
These 7 paradigm shifts are what separates the players from the guys who just scrape by. So even if you are a playr already they are still goodfor review! Click Here to Download The Player Paradigm.




Pheromone Advantage Review: Does Dr. Virgil Amend’s Formula Work?

The ADVANTAGE: Your New Secret Weapon!

The ADVANTAGE: Your New Secret Weapon!

Hey Guys, In today’s review I’m going to be talking about something very different and something I was VERY skeptical about… Pheromones. – Specifically a product called Dr. Virgil Amend’s “Pheromone Advantage” Formula to Attract Women…

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NOTE to Female Readers: There is also a Pheromone Advantage formula for attracting men, that is also available through that same link. The following review is specifically about the men’s formula, however the science behind the two formulas is the same they just contain different ingredients.

The Science Behind Pheromones And Why I Was So Skeptical About Them…

Okay, until I happened upon this product I always thought pheromones where complete BS. I mean they just sounded too good to be true… “Spray this on and women will be magically drawn to you…” Hmmm.

I always just wrote them off as snake oil, until I heard some intelligent, successful guys I know talking about this Pheromone Advantage stuff as if it was the real deal. So I decided to check it out.

Basically, pheromones are natural chemical hormones that our bodies produce and emit specifically to attract and sexually arouse the opposite sex. There is no debate over this, its something that endless University studies have proven. What I was skeptical about was whether you could actually BOTTLE this stuff. I thought I had heard somewhere that women were only attracted to specific scents produced by specific guys, and I doubted whether the stuff sold as pheromones would actually work on the majority of women.

That’s where I was wrong.

You see, pheromones don’t have a scent, at least not a noticeable one. The human body actually has a special sensor called the vomeronasal organ or VNO that detects trace amounts of airborne pheromones. Then assuming they have detected the right hormones they send messages that bypass your “smell sensors” (for lack of a better word) and logical brain and communicate directly with you limbic system.

Your limbic system is what controls your emotions and gets you to release the hormones that control arousal, make you horny, make you feel like you are falling in love etc…

I’m no scientist, but the basic idea is that women respond sexually to pheromones that are derivatives of testosterone (whereas men respond to pheromones that are derivatives of estrogen). So if her VNO picks up on that stuff coming off of you, it’s going to cause her to feel horny for you on an automatic, physical level.

Why Pheromone Advantage In Particular?

As I mentioned, I’ve always been skeptical about pheromones, and I have no idea what any other company is bottling up. The great thing about Pheromone Advantage is that it was created by an actual Doctor, who stands behind his product and is widely considered one of the world’s leading human pheromone experts.

And, Dr. Amend formulated Pheromone Advantage with to contain Androstadienone, Androstenone and Androstenol – the 3 most powerful and tested pheromones for attracting and sexually arousing women.

Pheromone Advantage Pros And Cons:

1) Scientifically Proven – I’ve linked to a few scientific explanations of how this all works, and Dr Amend’s website links to many more studies proving this science. And, Dr Amend is a real doctor, so he’s not going to jeopardize his reputation, making promises unless his product actually delivers. And everybody I’ve talked to who has tried this stuff says it works.

On a personal note, although my girlfriend and I have a great sex life anyway, she was more aggressive then normal after I put some of this stuff on. I also had the cashier at my supermarket, who is barely legal and extremely busty start flirting with me like crazy which was very surprising since I’m 38! It doesn’t get better than that.

2) Easy To Use – Unlike dating advice guides, there is nothing to learn here. You just dab it on and then go out someplace where women are, and watch what happens…

3) Unscented – I was afraid this stuff might smell like gorilla urine, but it actually has no scent, so you can wear it with your favorite cologne or deodorant and women will still respond to it.

1) Not A Cure All – While there’s a mountain of evidence that this stuff works to attract women and make them horny, it is still not a substitute for game. If you are clueless with women, then I doubt that you’d be able to keep a chick around for all that long no matter how much of this stuff you use… So don’t assume that this is all you need to have the sex life/love life of your dreams, it will just help.

My Recommendation…

As I just mentioned, this stuff can be a great help for any guy who is looking to attract new women or heat things up with his current girlfriend or wife.

Of course you won’t know just how well it works until you actually get a bottle and try it out, so I’d recommend giving it a shot now, I’m pretty certain you will be excited and surprised when you see that it actually works! Click Here to get a bottle of Pheromone Advantage…




Brad P.’s Black Book Method Review

Brad P BBM chick w/lollipop

Forget the “bitch shield”… Give her your lollipop!

Today I’m going to be doing a review of a program that I have been wanting to get to for quite a while now – Brad P’s Black Book Method”.

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In case you didn’t know, Brad P is a dating/pick up coach who has been around for several years now, and he is often referred to as the world’s best PUA, #1 Pick-Up Artist etc… Now, I’m not exactly sure how they quantify that exactly. But the important part is the fact that he maintains a reputation for being one of the best in the business when it comes to actually getting results for his students. (Click here to read some accounts from his students… NSFW)

I first heard of Brad when I checked out his famous “Fashion Bible” quite a while ago (review coming…) and I did a write up on his 10 Minute Seduction last year. But these days it’s his Black Book program (BBM) that’s been getting a lot of attention so I thought I’d give you a run-down on what you’ll learn in this course as well as my personal opinion on it…

The Basic Idea Behind Brad P.’s BBM…

One of the key concepts In Brad’s Black Book is the idea that women have “bitch shields” that make picking them up very difficult for most men. You may be familiar with this idea – basically, it’s an attitude that a lot of hotter women have when random guys come up and try to kick game to them. Since attractive girls get hit on so much, this “shield” is a defense mechanism in a sense that protects her from all of the creepy dudes that are always trying to get in her panties….

The Black Book Method shows you how to determine what kind of “sex signals” you’re broadcasting to women, and how to recalibrate these signals in a way that will make her see that you’re not one of the creepy guys, and also make her horny!

At first I was a bit skeptical about this notion of “sex signals” but it turns out that it is grounded in psychology and the more you learn about it you will see that this is in fact a phenomenon that is occurring between men and women all the time, so it pays to be a ware of it…

What You Get:

This program includes a LOT of content… But I’ll try to cover the important stuff.

First, you get the main Black Book Method training which includes video, audio and transcripts of the whole course. You can think of it like a field manual full of step-by-step strategies and techniques to blow past a woman’s “bitch shield” and get the right sex signals into her brain, so she’ll want to hook up.

Then you get like 9 bonuses. I won’t go into all over them, but you get one on the friend zone that has some of the best advice around on this topic, one on how to build massive attraction with younger women if you are an older guy, one on dating models, one on internet dating and so forth…

I like the fact that these bonuses had quality content that you won’t find elsewhere (unlike some other programs where the bonuses are crap!)

My favorite one is the one on younger women, because I’m getting older, and young hot chicks can definitely make this hard on older dudes who want to get with them. If you are over 35 (or you are 30 and want 19 year olds) then this is definitely something you are going to want to take a look at.

My Recommendation…

One thing I really like about this course is that it tackles this issue of the “bitch shield” differently than any other program I’ve ever seen, and it really addresses it thoroughly.

I know that I used to be really scared to ever talk to women I would see when I was out and about, because of a couple of bad interaction I had where girls were super bitchy to me, so I know what a huge issue this is for a lot of guys…

I think this course will be super helpful for guys who want to be able to approach women and get them attracted without needing to worry about the girl acting like a bitch.

And – the sex signals that Brad teaches are also great for getting women especially turned on so that they will want to have sex very quickly after you meet them (One thing I forgot to mention is that he teaches you how to find girls who are real FREAKS in the bedroom, even though they might not look like it on the surface, and he teaches you how to get them back to your place and nude real fast – prob the best part!)

So – yes, HIGHLY Recommended! Click Here for Instant Access to Brad P.’s Black Book Method… (NSFW)