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Time to get get your MOJO back!

So I’ve got a rather interesting program to review for you today from Carlos Xuma creator of the popular “Bad Boy Formula” and the more recent “Lust Response“…

This course is interesting because rather than being about “dating skills” or that sort of thing that we talk about a lot around here, this course which is entitled “Alpha Sexual Power” focuses in on solving a deeper underlying problem that a lot of guys are dealing with, T-Bleed. The crazy thing is if you are suffering from T-Bleed, then it doesn’t matter how much game you’ve got, women are still not gonna be feeling it…

So if you are a guy who has learned a lot about female psychology and dating but who still isn’t seeing the kind of results that you want with women, then this may be highly applicable to your situation!

Now the term “T-Bleed” was a new one for me, but I have been aware of the importance of maintaining healthy testosterone levels for quite a while now, and this is a subject that absolutely fascinates me, so I was eager to hear Carlos’ take on it and to see if he had any new insights to share on the topic…

Basic Info On Alpha Sexual Power, And Why We Need It…

Here’s the thing, I don’t know if you have had your testosterone levels checked by a doctor lately, but this is something a LOT of guys over 30 are dealing with, especially as we get up closer to 40 and beyond. It’s a well known fact that as men age we lose our testosterone more and more each year, until we become old and feeble and then by the time we are 100 its pretty hard to tell men from women and at that point nobody really cares anymore!

Yeah we are all gonna lose some testosterone and in a lot of ways that is just part of getting older, BUT the big problem is that these days due to a lot of environmental factors, a lot of guys in the 30-65 age range have testosterone levels that are way out of whack, and that sucks, because at that age you should still be a virile man who is able to attract and pleasure women as you wish!

So now all these guys are walking around with low T levels, and they are getting soft in the belly, weak, are having trouble maintaining wood, and are basically turning into women…

That of course leads to feeling like an old, fat, out of shape loser, your confidence goes down, your boss picks on you, and when you get around women that you’d like to be with (whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, or just some random chick you come across) she can TELL you are a low status, low T man, and that you are NOT going to be able to give her the kind of bedroom experience that she needs from a man. That’s a shitty situation dude!

So Carlos, after dealing with his own low T nightmare put this program together to show guys how to natural and safely boost their testosterone and how to improve their performance at the same time, so that you can live the life of a high-status and  satisfy the women in your life the way they deserve to be pleasured :)

What You’ll Learn:

As usual, Carlos has created a very comprehensive course that covers a lot of ground. But the core training focuses on showing you how to boost your T levels to the point where you are oozing with sexual power, and basically broadcasting the fact that you are a bad ass Alpha Man everywhere you go (one thing I thought was really interesting was the fact that women can actually smell a man’s testosterone level!)

In addition to helping with the ladies, raising your T up to healthy/high levels can also improve your overall health, your energy level, self confident etc…

And this T boosting is done without taking dangerous supplements or using any controversial therapies that can have some really scary side effects…

Then the program teaches you secret sex skills, and all sorts of helpful information on how to get women to see you as a “Sex God” in the bedroom.

Specifics On What You Get…

As I said, the program comes with a ton of material like mind-maps, a reference PDF eBook and extra bonuses (here’s a complete breakdown of everything you get) But the most important components are the 6 Core System Modules that walk you through Carlos’ “T Triangle” method for stopping T-Bleed and naturally boosting  you T levels, The “Sexual Road-Map” Bonus Program, “Sexual Confidence” Bonus Program, Alpha Sex Skills and Sexua; Psychology Bonus.

My Recommendation:

As I mentioned I’ve been working hard to keep my T levels up as I am now getting close to 40, so this is a topic that is very important to me. Personally I find that I feel much better when my T levels are up and I can confirm that it makes a BIG difference in my relationships with women.

I wish I had this program when i first started trying to raise my T levels and I highly recommend it to any guy who isn’t already having at least 4-5 good bedroom sessions with attractive women per week! Click Below to Download Alpha Sexual Power Now:



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