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Dominant Sexual Power

Time to get… DOMINANT!

Hey guys! Now before we jump into this review of Vin DiCarlo’s “Dominant Sexual Power” (DSP) I just wanted to apologize for not doing any posts for the last little while… I’ve been very busy with other projects and so forth and also, there just hasn’t been anything all that new or exciting that has come out in the last little bit either…

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That all being said Vin’s DSP course has recently become extremely popular and I’ve had a ton of guys asking me about it, so I decided to do this write up. This is honestly one of the best courses I’ve reviewed in a LOOOONNGG time, definitely in my top 3 of ALL TIME. So if this is a course you’ve already heard about I think you’ll get something good out of this review…

The Idea Behind Dominant Sexual Power…

From the name, this sounds like it would be a course about how to please women in the sack, but actually the course is much more focused on how to be a man who is powerfully attractive to women, and who has power in his interactions and relationships. This is important stuff, and it’s something that I think is woefully lacking from so many other programs out there for guys…

In fact, one of the biggest problems I have with other attraction/seduction guides is that they make it seem like you need to do all this lame, sneaky crap to get a woman into you. With Dominant Sexual Power you get the power the back, and you get women into you naturally using Vin’s four “pillars”: Vision, Compliance, Shaping and  Sexual Tension…

As I was listening to the “core” audio trainings I just kept thinking to myself, “Finally, these guys actually GET IT! And can teach me something new!” I  really liked the set-up of the audios, basically you just listen in as Vin and a couple of his coaches discuss these four pillars and share stories from there lives to illustrate the points they are making and the methods that they are teaching. This makes it a lot easier to really understand the lessons and how they can be applied in real life.

Of course there are also some more tantalizing bits like “33 innocent words” that can be slipped into everyday conversations to turn a woman on, and so forth, which are actually very effective, but really what impressed me the most were the actual core ideas and philosophies that Vin teaches… They make a lot of sense to me, and they are actually actionable, meaning you can go take action on them!

How does DSP compare to Pandora’s Box?

A lot of guys have asked how the DSP program compares to Vin’s Pandora’s Box program which is probably a bit better known. Personally I was a big fan of Pandora’s Box because I felt like it provided a ton of really unique insights on female psychology and understanding women…

So if you are somebody (like me) who likes to geek out on understanding female psychology, then that is definitely a good course and something that can be very helpful… However, overall, is I had to pick just one to recommend I think that DSP is a safer bet, and it really provides a foundation for becoming extremely successful with women, dating, and even in more serious relationships…

What’s Included:

  • The complete Dominant Sexual Power Program
  • The 33 Rejection-Proof Words you can snaeak into any innocent conversation
  • The DSP Intensive Video Coaching Sessions
  • And 5 Fast-Action Bonuses, including “Dirty Text” on texting that includes more “innocent words” that turn her on, and my personal favorite “Harem Management 101″ that shows you how to feel like the last man alive in a world full of sexy women!

My Recommendation…

Honestly this is may be my new favorite program of all time!!! I think it was officially relaunched at the beginning of the year, so it is far and away the best program of 2014.

The reason I rate DSP so highly? I love Vin’s (and his coaches’) world view, the way they look at dating, pickup, women , etc… I think that his insights, and methods just make the most sense. Plus – everytime I use his stuff in the real world, with a REAL woman, it works… I’ve never gotten a bad reaction using Vin’s material. It’s stuff that can definitely make a big difference in a guy’s life…

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