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Handsome Guy Secrets Dude

Women Love Handsome Dudes…

Today I’m looking at Ryan Magin’s Handsome Guy Secrets Program which shows regular, everyday looking guys how to transform ourselves into handsome MFers…

This is a review of Ryan Magin’s 51 Handsome Guy Secrets, Click Here for the Official Website…

It seems like this question of how important looks are for attracting women has been around forever, and guys just can’t stop debating it. On the one hand you have the ugly guys who aren’t getting any chicks crying about how they got the short-end of the stick genetics-wise and that they are therefore doomed to a life of no women. And then you have the PUA dudes saying that your looks don’t matter if your game is tight enough and so forth…

Here’s the truth… Ugly guys can get hot girls, BUT…

Improving your appearance makes hooking up with women much, much, much easier, regardless of your genetics.

We can all do things to look better, and in almost all cases a guy who is a 4 or 5 in looks can go to a 7 or 8 with just by making some changes… Like the changes outlined in this program.

What’s 51 Handsome Guy Secrets All About?

In Ryan’s program he provides 51 secrets you can use to transform your appearance and go from looking mediocre to looking like the most handsome possible version of yourself. And as Ryan points out looking better doesn’t just help you get more love from the ladies, but it also helps you career-wise no matter what field you are in, helps you with social networking, and just helps you out in terms of getting a lot more respect everywhere you go with everybody that you interact with.

I’ve got to say that I really like the idea behind this product because I’ve personally experienced the huge change in the way that people treat you when you start dressing better and putting more effort into your appearance. I used to dress in a very immature style well into my 20s because that was how I was used to dressing so it was how I felt comfortable, but I didn’t realize that it made me look like a bit of a goon, and it was definitely hurting my game in a big way. Now that I dress like a high status grown man, I have chicks jocking me everywhere I go!

So, if you’ve been neglecting your style and personal image, get on that, it’s IMPORTANT!

Pros And Cons:

PRO 1) You don’t have to figure this stuff out for yourself – The best thing about this program is that Ryan understands what actually looks good on guys, and what women like to see. The problem with trying to figure this out yourself is that you will probably get things wrong and end up sending the wrong impression. For example if you look at fashion magazines like GQ and that kind of stuff and try to dress based on their recommendations you can end up looking kinda dumb because while they do have some good stuff in there they also have some really foolish looking gear as well.

Ryan has a deep understanding of all this stuff so you can just listen to what he says, and see what kind of results you get… I consider myself pretty stylish, but I bought one thing Ryan recommended and have been getting tons of compliments and additional attention from hot chicks because of it, so this advice is definitely on point.

PRO 2) You can get a hot look cheaply – Lets face it unless you are balling hard you probably don’t want to spend more than a couple hundro to get started fixing up your look. I know I personally have maybe 1K – $1,500 a year max I can justify spending on clothes. Luckily Ryan tells you where to go and what to get so that you can look dope without needing to get a new credit card.

PRO 3) Fight Club Body – This bonus comes with the program and shows you how to get the Fight Club body like Brad Pitt at his most chiseled. The truth is women don’t really like huge muscles, and this guide shows you a simple approach to getting the cut, toned look that women find most appealing. I’ve been working out for like 20 years so this is a subject I know a lot about, and Ryan clearly knows this stuff inside and out… Of course getting a body like our boy Brad takes work, but if you want it bad enough this guy can def help you get there.

PRO 4) You can still be unique and express your real self – It’s important that while you are improving your look that you still present yourself in a way that you feel is an authentic reflection of you, and this program allows you to do that. So it’s not like you are pretending to be somebody else, you are just being the most handsome version of you.

CON 1) Not necessarily a cure-all for weak game – As I already said, guys are stupid if they neglect their fashion/grooming/style/physique etc… Women, and other people are judging you, and if you want preferential treatment, and to get laid more easily, then you definitely want to be putting the best looking version of yourself out there at all times… That said, just because you get you looks handled and bump yourself up from a 5 to a 8 or whatever, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to be getting laid like a rockstar if your verbal game is whack. While the advice in this program should definitely get you approached a lot more often, and help you get your foot in the door, I’d also recommend improving your flirting and dating skills too assuming they still have room for improvement.

My Recommendation…
If you want to be as successful with women as possible, and as successful in business and other social situations as possible, then it only makes sense to look your absolute best. So I highly recommend focusing on this and investing in yourself to make sure you look awesome.

This guide is great because he “gets” this stuff in a way few men do and he’s able to explain things in a way that any man should be able to understand.

I think 95% of guys that hit this website would probably do very well to listen to everything Ryan has to say and to take action on it so they can change the way they are perceived by others and start experiencing more success in life. Click Here for Instant Access to The Handsome Guy Secrets System!

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