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Like a player!

Hey, I’ve got a really cool program to tell you about today called “The Player’s Paradigm” that’s all about learning the mindsets that all “players” have in common that make it so much easier for them to hook up with a lot of women.

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I’ve reviewed a lot of dating, pick-up, and seduction guides over the years, but I usually skip over anything priced for under 50 bucks or so, simply because most cheap products are just some 20 page PDF of stuff I already know!

However, after logging into the member’s area for The Player’s Paradigm I was pretty shocked at just how much content is actually included in this program. And, much more importantly, this is actually really interesting stuff that I had never seen before, even in Bobby’s other programs like Unlock Her Legs, Magnetic Messaging, Conversation Escalation, and his Social Training Lab… And his other products are some of the best in existence.

So, without any further ado – let’s talk about what you’ll learn inside the program…

What’s The Player’s Paradigm All About?

Bobby explains this program as the culmination of 12 years of research spent observing the “players” he hung out around.

The whole program is based around 7 Paradigm Shifts that will have you thinking like a player.

A paradigm is like a way of thinking. It’s kind of a 50 cent word so here’s the dictionary definition if you aren’t h the idea of a paradigm: “a typical example or pattern of something; a model.”

So these “player paradigms” are like patterns of thinking that Bobby observed all players having.

What’s cool is that since I am a bit of a player, I notice that I share all of these player paradigms myself to some degree.

These are ways of thinking that you will naturally develop over time on your own if you spend a lot of time dating and hooking up with attractive women. But the idea with this program is to learn them now so you can have a paradigm shift and start incorporating these paradigms into your thinking.

It’s good stuff, Bobby explains each of these paradigms in a way that is fun to listen to and also enlightening at the same time.

Each of these “hacks” like like “Chasing the Raven” or “The Power Switch” is explained in a training video. This is beneficial in my opinion because it means that you can just think about one of these things at a time and really wrap your head around it. I’d definitely recommend going through each video at least 3 times if not more because you really want to make sure you are getting this stuff.

There is also a bunch of bonus material including: “Social Ninja Smoke Bombs” and some other bonus training.

Is There A Downside To This Training?

In the case of this program it’s that this information probably wouldn’t satisfy a guy who is looking for specific lines or routines. You’ve got the be open to the “inner game” behind your success to appreciate this.

That said, there is more actionable info in here than there is in

That being said I think that inner-game is the most important stuff to learn in order to achieve high levels of lasting success. So I’d definitely recommend learning it.

My Recommendation:
These 7 paradigm shifts are what separates the players from the guys who just scrape by. So even if you are a playr already they are still goodfor review! Click Here to Download The Player Paradigm.





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