Sexual Power Review – Is David Shade’s Program The Best?

sexual-power-review-blondeHey guys. In today’s review I’m going to be looking at David Shade’s “Sexual Power” program.

It’s a program all about becoming the absolute MAN in the bedroom, a total stud, capable of giving women life-changing orgasms. And, its designed to work even if you have issues like ED, or anything like, that which can create a major challenge when it comes to pleasuring a woman in the bedroom…

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I don’t review a lot of sex guides, because most of them are really nothing more than just some basic info you could find for free in Men’s Health, but David’s course is different than anything I had seen before so I wanted to take a look at the program and share my opinion on it with you, in case this is a subject that interests you.

I decided to write this review in a Q&A format to keep myself from going off on tangents, and to hopefully answer any questions that you may have about the program…

What Are The Main Things That You Get Out Of This Program?

This program actually covers a lot of ground. It’s basically like a complete guide to, as I said, be the man in the bedroom. So if you are guy looking to rock a woman’s world in bed, this program will show you how to do just that. You’ll learn how to talk to her in the bedroom, how to touch her, and make her feel like a woman.

This is, in my opinion, very good stuff to know about. Particularly if you want to keep the women that you have sex with coming back for more, staying faithful etc…

The program also includes strategies for fixing any sort of bedroom issues that you might be experiencing. A lot of guys are embarrassed about this stuff (as I was when I was dealing with it) but in my opinion, it is VERY important to meet these challenges head on, and get grip on things so you don’t waste your life with a malfunctioning dingus.

The cool thing it that this information can be used even if you are already “good” in bed. With this you can step things up, and become great in bed and have amazing sex all the time.

How Is This Different Than XYZ Sex Advice?

I’ve read A LOT of sex advice in my day… (You could say I’m obsessed with this topic of how to give women the best orgasms of their lives. Ha, fun hobbie, am I right?)

What’s great about this program is that it actually works (You can read success stories from guys who’ve used the Sexual Power system here.) This isn’t the same old stuff you’ve heard a million times about how you should “train” yourself at home and eat some all organic diet. Thats why they call him the RENEGADE (I guess). Because he goes against the grain, and against all the old dumb methods that don’t work.

What Do You Get In This Program?

The program is downloadable, so right after you fill out the online form you get instant access to everything so you can start using it. One of the best things is that you actually get a –whole bunch of different programs with Sexual Power and they are all divided up so you can learn the stuff you want whenever you want or need that specific information.

The main part covers how get hard whenever you want have the staying power that you need to rock her world all night.

You also get The Masterful Lover Manifesto which teaches you how to make a woman fall in love with you by unlocking her sexual feminine side. This part is great for guys who have a girl that they want to keep a relationship going with for a long time.

There is also a segment about releasing the non-stop nympho side of her so you can be getting it on all the time, The Perfect Kiss, and The Best Sex Positions cheat sheet.

Any Downside To This System?

The thing to keep in mind about this program is that it is a guide on how to be a bedroom superstar, not on how to get new women in the bedroom. So if you are a guy who isn’t getting any women in the bedroom then you should probably start with working on that. But if you are already getting sexual opportunities then this program will show you how to make the most out of them. Also, having this much skill in the bedroom will probably make you feel more confident around attractive women, which could help you attract new women who want to have sex with you.

Is Sexual Power Recommended?

Personally, I think that being able to please a woman in bed is one of the most important parts of life that a man can master. Not many things would improve your life more than having a great sex life where you know that you can please women extremely well.

If you to learn how to give women what they really want in the bedroom, then I think this program is a must.

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Bobby Rio’s “Player’s Paradigm” Review: Will It Teach You To Think Like A Player?

players paradigm couple

Like a player!

Hey, I’ve got a really cool program to tell you about today called “The Player’s Paradigm” that’s all about learning the mindsets that all “players” have in common that make it so much easier for them to hook up with a lot of women.

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I’ve reviewed a lot of dating, pick-up, and seduction guides over the years, but I usually skip over anything priced for under 50 bucks or so, simply because most cheap products are just some 20 page PDF of stuff I already know!

However, after logging into the member’s area for The Player’s Paradigm I was pretty shocked at just how much content is actually included in this program. And, much more importantly, this is actually really interesting stuff that I had never seen before, even in Bobby’s other programs like Unlock Her Legs, Magnetic Messaging, Conversation Escalation, and his Social Training Lab… And his other products are some of the best in existence.

So, without any further ado – let’s talk about what you’ll learn inside the program…

What’s It All About?

Bobby explains this program as the culmination of 12 years of research spent observing the “players” he hung out around.

The whole program is based around 7 Paradigm Shifts that will have you thinking like a player.

A paradigm is like a way of thinking. It’s kind of a 50 cent word so here’s the dictionary definition if you aren’t h the idea of a paradigm: “a typical example or pattern of something; a model.”

So these “player paradigms” are like patterns of thinking that Bobby observed all players having.

What’s cool is that since I am a bit of a player, I notice that I share all of these player paradigms myself to some degree.

These are ways of thinking that you will naturally develop over time on your own if you spend a lot of time dating and hooking up with attractive women. But the idea with this program is to learn them now so you can have a paradigm shift and start incorporating these paradigms into your thinking.

It’s good stuff, Bobby explains each of these paradigms in a way that is fun to listen to and also enlightening at the same time.

Each of these “hacks” like like “Chasing the Raven” or “The Power Switch” is explained in a training video. This is beneficial in my opinion because it means that you can just think about one of these things at a time and really wrap your head around it. I’d definitely recommend going through each video at least 3 times if not more because you really want to make sure you are getting this stuff.

There is also a bunch of bonus material including: “Social Ninja Smoke Bombs” and some other bonus training.

Is There A Downside To This Training?

In the case of this program it’s that this information probably wouldn’t satisfy a guy who is looking for specific lines or routines. You’ve got the be open to the “inner game” behind your success to appreciate this.

That said, there is more actionable info in here than there is in

That being said I think that inner-game is the most important stuff to learn in order to achieve high levels of lasting success. So I’d definitely recommend learning it.

My Recommendation:
These 7 paradigm shifts are what separates the players from the guys who just scrape by. So even if you are a playr already they are still goodfor review! Click Here to Download The Player Paradigm.