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Activate Her!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about a new program from Craig Miller called “The Sexual Activation Blueprint”, so I decided to take a look at the course and see what all the fuss is about…

Click Here for the Official Sexual Activation Blueprint website… 

Craig Miller has become one of the better known dating experts the past couple years, especially since the release of his popular Sexual Decoder System last year….

I liked Craig’s other course, because it offered some FRESH information, which is somewhat hard to find these days. Seriously, sometimes it seems like all these new programs are just giving the same old info over and over again just using different words. So I get pretty excited when I am learning brand new skills and insights into female psychology and attraction that I haven’t heard of before. Especially when the info is stuff that actually improves my results…

This new program is also pretty unique because it is exposing a bunch of government data on how to make women want to have sex with you… Definitely an interesting angle.

The Basic Idea Behind The Sexual Activation Blueprint

One of the key ideas in this program is something called Predictive Behavioral Modeling (PBM). Sounds pretty scientific right ;)

The basic idea is that all women, even different “types” of women all have this same “primal” blueprint that instructs their behavior and determines why they’ll want to have sex with a guy. So, by using this blueprint a woman’s behavior becomes so predictable that’ll know exactly what to do and say to get her wanting to slide of her panties! Score.

This PBM thing is the same sort of technology Amazon uses to predict what items you’re going to want to buy next… You might have heard of these so called “algorithms” that are used to process insane amounts of data? Same idea. Any now with this program you can use this same technology to get a chick wanting to have sex with you.

What You Get…

The Sexual Activation Blueprint is availabel inside a secured website that you log into to get access to all the content. In addition to the main program you also get a couple of bonuses including the “Hookup Acceleration Guide” which is basically a cheat sheet you can use as a quick refernce for when you see are out and about and find a chick you want to hook up with…

You also get Craig’s “Girlfriend Blueprint 3.0″ course which is a nice addition for guys who are looking for more than just a lot of sex with hot randoms.

Pros And Cons:

Pro #1) Eliminates all the guess work – One of the most annoying things about dating is when you feel like you always need to guess what to do next, and knowing that if you guess wrong that it’s not gonna work out. With this system you have the data, so you can just use the algorithm and everything is completely predictable.

Pro #2) Good for having fast sex with a girl you just met – Listen, if you are anything like me, sometimes you meet a chick, and you just want to get naked with her. No shame in that! And that is something this system is great for. There is a ton of content on how to make that happen, including one of my favorite parts where Craig gives you 3 secret places to take a chick you meet to quickly close the deal…

Pro #3) The “Friend Reprogramming” Technique - This is GOLD. If you have a female friend you want to “reprogram” to make her want to jump in bed with you, this is gonna be your favorite part.

Con #1) The website video - The video on the website where you actually buy the course is pretty entertaining, but it is also pretty hyped up in my opinion. Obviously that will appeal to some guys, but a lot of guys, like myself would probably prefer to learn about the program is a more straight forward fact-based way. I wish that more programs would just get to the point rather than hyping there stuff up!

Sexual Decoder System – or Sexual Activation Blueprint?

If you are new to Craig Miller’s material you may wonder which of his courses would be the most beneficial in helping you achieve your dating/sexual/relationship objectives. This is sort of a tough call because I’ve been through both courses and got a lot of good stuff out of both of them…

Basically, this new course is a good fit for guys who want a step by step “process” for activating a woman’s sexual response, which probably makes the course a good fit for a lot of guys. The other program is more about the secret “sex signals” that women give off that let you know that she is DTF. This is also good info to have, but it doesn’t provide as much info on how to hook up with girls who may not be sending you any of these signals. So I think for most guys The Sexual Activation System is a good place to start.

The Bottom Line:

As somebody who looks at just about EVERY noteworthy book/course on this type of subject, I can say that The Sexual Activation Blueprint is one of the best programs that I’ve seen in a long time.

If you are looking for a predictable and scientific way to make women horny this is definitely a great course to learn from! Click Here for Instant Access…

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