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The “Invisible Force”…

Today I’ve got a review of a product called “Automatic Seduction” by Chris Anderson AKA “60 Years of Challenge”. I’ve got to say, I like the title and the theme of this one – because who doesn’t want to be able to seduce women AUTOMATICALLY? That’s kinda the dream we share!

This is a review – Click Here for the Official Automatic Seduction Website…

As you may remember, I reviewed another new product The Friend Bomb, that he just put out acouple of weeks ago… The “Friend Bomb” program is more about how to hook up with your female friends. While my review was overall pretty positive, the truth is that that’s kind of a narrow topic, whereas the program we are gonna be looking at today should appeal to a wider audience because it’s focus is on getting women into bed (and if desired into relationships) using what Chris refers to as “The Invisible Force”.

What Is The Story With This “Invisible Force”?

When I first heard about this idea of an “invisible force” it sounded too woo-woo to me. I’m the type of guy who likes concrete information, step-by-step stuff, etc… I’m not big on “harnessing invisible forces” and that kind of thing… However, as you go through the material you’ll see that this force is something that you are probably, hopefully, already pretty familiar with if you ever go around women and get them turned on at all – Sexual Tension. And, sexual tension is admittedly invisible in that you can’t see it.

According to 60 – if you’re a relatively “healthy” male then there are a lot of women out there who will automatically feel sexual tension when they are around you. And here’s where it gets good, these women are basically biologically hardwired to want to hook up with you, so long as you don’t screw things up by breaking the pre-existing natural sexual tension that exists between you. Sweet!

This is a point that I don’t hear any other dating experts/gurus making… That the reason a lot of guys fail to hook up is because they are screwing things up with women who they totally COULD have gotten into bed. That was my big problem for years… I had the ability to get dates, and those girls WANTED to hook up, but I’d always do a bunch of dumb shit that made them lose attraction for me, so this is definitely a very common problem.

What You Get In Automatic Seduction System…

The Automatic Seduction program includes 4 Modules that take you through finding women genetically hard-wired to want you, escalating, getting her sexually aroused, and then getting into a relationship whether as boyfriend-girlfriend or with her as one of your many f-buddies you can dial up when you want some company in the sack…

I like the fact that this program is relatively concise, I don’t want to have to go through any more material than I need to accomplish what I want to accomplish and to achieve what I want to achieve. And this course delivers a complete game -plan that you can use to go out and use sexual tension to get laid, without getting bogged down with a bunch of theory or other stuff that just gets in the way.

There is also an extensive bonus package, with some solid material in there including Secrets of Approaching Hot Women and a Video Training Lab, which is a nice addition, but I look at that as more of an add-on to help you really make the most out of what you learn in the core program, to keep your mind thinking about this stuff the right way…

My Favorite Parts:
There are a lot of great little gold-nuggets in this course that is was hard to pick out my top favorites. But the material in the Fast Sexual Arousal module is definitely going to be a lot of guys favorites. Chris has 3 different methods to get a girl fondling your shlong in minutes that is too good to be missed!

This module also teaches you how to get a chick to see you as the 1% of guys that she feels it’s “okay” to hook up with on the first night you meet her, and you definitely want to be seen as that special 1% guy even if you wnat something long term with her.

This program surprised me. It’s one of the best courses I’ve seen in quite a while.

One of the best things is that it’s really an easy system to follow, as you are basically just allowing the naturally occuring tension to do its thing without interrupting it, so you don’t need to work so hard “trying” to attract women. I highly recommend checking it out.
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Auto Seduction

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