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Brad P BBM chick w/lollipop

Forget the “bitch shield”… Give her your lollipop!

Today I’m going to be doing a review of a program that I have been wanting to get to for quite a while now – Brad P’s Black Book Method”.

=> Click Here for the Official Black Book Method website… (NSFW)

In case you didn’t know, Brad P is a dating/pick up coach who has been around for several years now, and he is often referred to as the world’s best PUA, #1 Pick-Up Artist etc… Now, I’m not exactly sure how they quantify that exactly. But the important part is the fact that he maintains a reputation for being one of the best in the business when it comes to actually getting results for his students. (Click here to read some accounts from his students… NSFW)

I first heard of Brad when I checked out his famous “Fashion Bible” quite a while ago (review coming…) and I did a write up on his 10 Minute Seduction last year. But these days it’s his Black Book program (BBM) that’s been getting a lot of attention so I thought I’d give you a run-down on what you’ll learn in this course as well as my personal opinion on it…

The Basic Idea Behind Brad P.’s BBM…

One of the key concepts In Brad’s Black Book is the idea that women have “bitch shields” that make picking them up very difficult for most men. You may be familiar with this idea – basically, it’s an attitude that a lot of hotter women have when random guys come up and try to kick game to them. Since attractive girls get hit on so much, this “shield” is a defense mechanism in a sense that protects her from all of the creepy dudes that are always trying to get in her panties….

The Black Book Method shows you how to determine what kind of “sex signals” you’re broadcasting to women, and how to recalibrate these signals in a way that will make her see that you’re not one of the creepy guys, and also make her horny!

At first I was a bit skeptical about this notion of “sex signals” but it turns out that it is grounded in psychology and the more you learn about it you will see that this is in fact a phenomenon that is occurring between men and women all the time, so it pays to be a ware of it…

What You Get:

This program includes a LOT of content… But I’ll try to cover the important stuff.

First, you get the main Black Book Method training which includes video, audio and transcripts of the whole course. You can think of it like a field manual full of step-by-step strategies and techniques to blow past a woman’s “bitch shield” and get the right sex signals into her brain, so she’ll want to hook up.

Then you get like 9 bonuses. I won’t go into all over them, but you get one on the friend zone that has some of the best advice around on this topic, one on how to build massive attraction with younger women if you are an older guy, one on dating models, one on internet dating and so forth…

I like the fact that these bonuses had quality content that you won’t find elsewhere (unlike some other programs where the bonuses are crap!)

My favorite one is the one on younger women, because I’m getting older, and young hot chicks can definitely make this hard on older dudes who want to get with them. If you are over 35 (or you are 30 and want 19 year olds) then this is definitely something you are going to want to take a look at.

My Recommendation…

One thing I really like about this course is that it tackles this issue of the “bitch shield” differently than any other program I’ve ever seen, and it really addresses it thoroughly.

I know that I used to be really scared to ever talk to women I would see when I was out and about, because of a couple of bad interaction I had where girls were super bitchy to me, so I know what a huge issue this is for a lot of guys…

I think this course will be super helpful for guys who want to be able to approach women and get them attracted without needing to worry about the girl acting like a bitch.

And – the sex signals that Brad teaches are also great for getting women especially turned on so that they will want to have sex very quickly after you meet them (One thing I forgot to mention is that he teaches you how to find girls who are real FREAKS in the bedroom, even though they might not look like it on the surface, and he teaches you how to get them back to your place and nude real fast – prob the best part!)

So – yes, HIGHLY Recommended! Click Here for Instant Access to Brad P.’s Black Book Method… (NSFW) 

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