Shelly McMurtry’s Instant Attraction Generator System Review

by Clint

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As you may know, I’m not a big fan of most female “dating coaches” or relationship experts. In fact, most of them give AWFUL, awful advice that will leave a guy totally confused about what women want.

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That said, I recently had a chance to review a new program from a lady named Shelly McMurtry, and it is very different than anything that I had seen before from either a male or female PUA/dating coach/experty person, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this one with you… It’s called The Instant Attraction Generation System…

Who is Instant Attraction Generator creator Shelly McMurtry?

Shelley, is a former model, turned business chick… Who often refers to herself as “beautiful” … Personally I thinks she is good looking, but I don’t really care how hot the person who teaches me is, so long as she can help me hook up with beautiful women… So her looks are not really a concern of mine.

That said, an above average looking woman, like Shelley, certainly has a different insight into a hot woman’s experience than some plain-jane chick, so in that sense I guess it is good that she has that experience…

Anyhow, as a woman who has been hit on by A LOT of guys over the years, Shelley has developed some interesting insights into what actually works to attract women. And I guess she has some sort of marketing data research company something or other, so she can track this stuff and get all scientific with it :)

What is this program all about and is it any good?

Well, when I first went to Shelly’s website and heard her talking I was like WHOA! Did she just really say that? For a classy hot business women, she really knows how to talk to men in a way that borders on locker room talk…

And that is kinda what I find awesome about this program.

Shelley strikes me as the kind of woman who just doesn’t feel the need to conform to what women are “supposed” to think, or say about attraction, and instead she just put’s the sometimes ugly truth out there! I mean this woman dated a bed-wetting waiter with a pot belly and no car, and she is letting the world know about it! She can hang… Love it!

Anyway, as far as the content itself, there are a couple things I really like about it:

Thing I Like #1) It’s all strategy not “fluff talk”… One of the big problem with this sort of material (pua, dating advice, personal development etc…) is that often people just kind of give you a few helpful pointers and a bunch of theory. But this program on the other hand gives you percise techniques and a system for what to say and do, to generate instant attraction.

Thing I Like #2) It’s so raw… Honestly, if I didn’t know this system was developed by a woman, I’d think the guy who made it was kind of sexist! Seriously, I guess women are allowed to talk this way about other women because, after all, they ARE women, so they should know right? Shelley, explains a lot of the “bad behavior” that women are guilty of in relationships ie. cheating, using men, humiliating men, etc… And then provides unique techniques for guys to make sure that they never have to suffer these disrespects and instead can get women loving them.

Thing I Like #3) Don’t need $$$ or abs… So often I see a dating guide that says it will work for you even if you aren’t good looking or rich, but then as I read it I hear all about how I should get in shape and yadda-yadda… Yeah, okay, I know I should get in shape. But what is cool about this is that you really don’t need looks, a hot bod, dough or social status to use this system, as I mentioned, Shelley was lusting after a chubby waiter…

My recommendation on the Instant Attraction Generator…

If you want an inside look at what attracts women from a woman’s point of view, this is definitely the best thing around!

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