Nick Richard’s Sensual Power Words Review – For Real?

Learn the words that work...

Learn the words that work…

Hey there, it’s been a while since my last post as things have been awfully quite in PUA land lately. But, I am excited to announce that Nick Richards has released a new program called “Sensual Power Words” that I’m going to be reviewing for you today!

Well, first off I must say that I like the premise of this program.

The idea is that you can get women turned on and looking at you with lustful desire just by saying some simple “sensual power words.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot better and easier than jumping through hoops doing 101 complex procedures as recommended  by a lot of these new-fangled pick up guides.

So kudos to Nick for keepin’ it simple.

That said, there are some other good points as well as one or two not so great points about this program that I will be discussing for you below, so let’s get into it…

Those looking for the Sensual Power Words Website, click here . . .

What’s the big idea behind Sensual Power Words?

As I mentioned, the basic idea is that there are certain words, and a certain way of communicating with women that you can use to instantly get a woman really turned on and into you.  This idea may seem a bit far-fetched to some, but as a guy who has spent the better part of the last 10 years honing my communication skills, I can tell you that there is indeed a lot to this.

Honestly, success with women all comes down to communication. The trouble is that most guys have no idea how to communicate, so they freeze up, or end up blowing by saying the wrong thing.

Pros And Cons:

Pro 1) You don’t need to worry about rejection.

The thing that I dislike about most dating/pick-up/”game” guides is that they all basically tell you that you just need to get out there and approach a lot of women to get over your fear of rejection. they make it seem so simple. But the truth is, if it was that simple then we wouldn’t need guides in the first place! The coolest thing in my opinion about sensual Power words is that it really is pretty much “rejection proof”. The reason is because the words are so simple and subtle that you can just slip them into an ordinary, innocence conversation with any woman you like. in Nick’s video he gives the example of using some of these words while ordering a hamburger from an attractive waitress, this is a good example  because there’s no “approaching” necessary, you just slip the words into any conversation.

Pro 2) You don’t need to lose weight, dress up, or do any weird shit!

Obviously none of us want to have to do any weird, exhausting stuff to get women. I mean if i want to go to the gym and lose weight, that’s great, and probably a good idea, but i don’t need a dating guide to tell me that! so thankfully Nick’s program doesn’t require any major lifestyle overhauls or other PUA tom-foolery.

Pro 3) It actually works and turns women on.

Yes, kinda important… I’ve used similar methods to what Nick shows you, and they have been extremely effective across the boards. I personally believe his methodology is on target and will help a lot of guys.

Pro 4) Done for you… 

Unlike other programs that hint at what to say, this program tells you exactly what to say so you don’t need to worry about it (It can be modified to suit your personality.)

Con 1) Over-board video

What can I say here… Really long, repetitive video. I’d rather just read about it.

Final recommendation on Sensual Power Words…

If you are a guy looking for a self help, inner game kind of program then this probably isn’t the best choice. But if you want to feel like you have super powers because you know a few magic words top say to a chick to get her looking at you like a fat kid looks at a cupcake… then check this one out.

I think this might be the simplest, most straight forward way to turn girls on that I’ve seen yet… If I ever meet Nick I’m buying him Patron shots all night!  Click here to get Sensual Power Words and see why . . .