Make Her CRAVE You… Review Digs Into An Unusual Attraction Method

Make her crave your lovin'!

Make her CRAVE your lovin’!

Well, there is a new program that just came out claiming it allows you to “become the man she fantasized about…” so of course I had to review it for you :)

The program is by a couple of guys named Greg Hart and Slade Shaw, who I honestly know next to nothing about. I remember hearing the name Slade Shaw before a while back, but going in to doing this review I really didn’t have the slightest idea of what this was all about.

What Is “Make Her Crave You” All About? 

Well, as the title implies, the idea behind this program is that you can become the guy who women naturally feel attracted to instantly, as soon as they meet you, and then quickly get them addicted to your company so that they will approach you, want to date you and ultimately become intimate with you in short order.

Certainly a promising premise…

That said, with all this talk of “transformation” the idea is that you can spark this attraction without changing who you “are” at a fundamental level or wearing any sort of weird social masks to fake confidence or anything like that.

Make Her Crave You PROs and CONs…

  • PRO #1) The 3 Step Formula for radiating your masculinity. This part is good. In fact, this part alone is probably worth the price of the whole course, or at least it is to any guy who takes the time necessary to actually study this segment and then take action on it. It may sound complicated, but it is actually quite simple, and has nothing to do with being the strutting Alpha Male guy that the media has told us women are attracted to…
  • PRO #2) Bonus Material. Most of the time I feel like the bonus material that is included in courses is just a bunch of fluff, thrown in to make the program bigger. But in this case you actually get some really cool stuff including a comprehensive guide (written by a woman) on what to do with a woman once you’ve “got her” ie. what to do in the bedroom to keep her hungry for more of your lovin’!
  • PRO #3) Info on how to be “romantic” in the right way. Does the word romantic make you want to barf? Guys who have read a lot of dating advice know that it’s pretty much common knowledge that you should NOT try to be romantic with a woman you are interested in, early on in your relationship. However, this is a mis-conception, and as Hart and Shaw point out, women actually do, desperately want to be romanced… it’s just that they want to be romanced in a specific, masculine way. Not in the wussy, needy way that most guys attempt it. Really good stuff on this topic.
  • CON #1) Repetitive video… I know, I complain about this one a lot! But seriously, 9 times out of 10 I just want to read about the program rather than listening to a half hour long video message. Plus, dudes, if you are gonna make a video that long put some babe pics in it okay? That would help…

Recommendation on Make Her Crave You:


Considering that I had never really heard of the program authors before, I’ve got to say that I was really impressed by this program.

It covers some concepts guys may already be familiar with, but ultimately, it provides a TON of new and really fresh ideas on attracting women and getting them addicted to you. I liked that it seemed to have a much more mature and realistic methodology as well as a real step-by-step approach. Click Here to get Make Her CRAVE You Now!

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