Keys To Seducing Latin Women Review – Esteban Lara Is My New HERO!

keys to seducing latin women

Mamacita, Mamacita…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a thing for Latin chicks… And when I say I’ve had a “thing for them” what I mean is that I have always had a LUST for them, almost like an obsession :)

So when I heard about this guy Esteban Lara and his new Keys To Seducing Latin Women program I knew that I had to check it out and write up a review for you guys. Cuz, I mean more sexy latina chicks in our lives is a good thing, right?!

Anyhow, my write up on the course is below, and you can also checkout the official website here…

Who is Esteban Lara, And What Makes Him An Expert On Latin Women?

Esteban Lara is the first guy ever to create a program specifically for guys who want to get better a attracting Latina chicks!

As you can probably tell from his name, Esteban is a Latin dude himself, so he grew up immersed in Latin culture, figuring out over the years the exact buttons to push to attract Latin women, and get them totally into you. Esteban is a celebrity in South America and is basically like the go-to guy for anyone wanting to specifically attract Latin women. Other than that, he is a pretty laid back, regular guy from what I can tell, he goes on TV and stuff but he doesn’t have that prima donna PUA thing going on at all…

Are Latin Women Really So Different From Standard American Chicks, Or Europeans Babes?

Well, if you have ever dated any Latin chicks then you already know the answer to that one! Yes, they are totally different, hence the need for a program specifically for macking on/dating Latina chicks.

(NOTE: I’m not sure exactly the technical difference between hispanic woman, spanish women, latinas, and latin women… So I will just be using the term “Latin chicks”… You know what I mean, women from Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or any other Latin American/South American country.)

The differences between Latin women and other women from the Western World is substantial in terms of what sort of treatment they expect from men, how they want to be approached, their sense of humor, their sexual psychology and their overall mindset towards dating and relationships.

What Will You Learn In This Program?

Basically, this program is like an A-Z guide for attracting and dating Latina women. From understanding the specific sexual attraction buttons to push, to knowing how to approach her and what to say (even if you don’t speak any Spanish), to knowing what to do on a first date with a Latina, everything is covered in detail. Here’s a brief overview of some of the topics that I thought were the most important:

  • How to talk to Latin women – This is really important. A lot of guys may worry that they need to learn Spanish or Portuguese in order to hook up with Latin girls, but I can tell you from experience that this is not the case at all. Not that I am an expert myself, but I did date a really cute Mexican exchange student who barely spoke a word of English, And I know like fifty words in Spanish myself … And we made it work! Beyond just learning how to get by without knowing the language, Esteban teaches you about the best conversation topics for attracting Latin women, and shows you all the common conversational mistakes that most guys make that usually ruin there chances.
  • How to properly approach Latin women – This is probably the best part of the course. Esteban gives you a step-by-step technique that makes approaching Latin women simple, and shows them that you have all the qualities that Latin women are looking for specifically.
  • The best places to meet Latin women – You learn all the best place to meet Latin women, from the best cities in Latin America, to places right in your own hometown that you may never have thought to look before. What’s cool is that you don’t need to go to bars or clubs if that’s not your scene. I was afraid he was going to just say to go to Spanish nightclubs or something like that, but in fact there are a lot of other great places that are even easier. He even shows you exactly how to scoop up Latin chicks on internet dating sites. (I can’t wait to try that method out.)
  • Long term strategies for if you want to be in a relationship with a Latin woman – Once you have had fun dating a bunch of differnet chicks, you may feel like settling down with your one special Latina princess, and if that is the case, our boy Esteban has got you covered with two audio training modules on how to keep Latin women attracted to you, and how to manage long term relationships with Latina women.

My Recommendation…

Obviously, if Latin women don’t interest you, then you probably wouldn’t be too interested in this course…

If however, you’ve got a craving for some fine Latin chicks then this might be just what the Dr. ordered! I have dated a few in my time and I have got to say Latin women have a lot to offer that is hard to find in women from other cultural backgrounds. And I think any guy looking to expand his horizons and start dating Latin women will find this program extremely helpful.

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