Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You Review – Tight?

by Clint

They’re waiting for you…

Well, today’s review is of the brand new, just released program from Jason Capital called “Make Women Want You” I was lucky enough to snag a copy before the general release date because I knew this thing was gonna blow shit up! And I wanted to get the facts out as early as possible!

In this review I’m going to run through the basic info you need to know about program, discuss Jason’s philosphy/methodology and give you my honest and unbiased opinion on the program as a man who loves women, and meeting new ones whenever I can!

The Jason Capital Story…

Have you ever heard of this guy before?  Well if not that’s okay, Jason has not been one of these “dating gurus” who is all over the news, showboating and trying to convince the world that he is the biggest playboy mack of all time.

The thing you need to know about Jason is that unlike MANY these other ‘PUAs’ and other who would have you believe that they are good with women, Jason actually IS a badass with women. And as you get into reading his Make Women Want You, that will become abundantly clear, because you can’t fake this sort of understanding…

So with that said…

What Makes “Make Women Want You” Such A Masterpiece…

I’m not gonna try to pretend I was skeptical about this book or leave you in suspense over whether I thought it was good or not… Straight up, this is one KILLER book on the subject of women, dating, getting women to want you etc…

So, might be thinking “what makes this book special”… And here’s why:

Jason basically stripped down everything that a guy needs to learn to attract hot women, and basically crush it in this area of life and streamlined the whole thing into this concise little program. So it’s like “condensed” and more powerful than average.

There’s none of the “fluff” regurgitated PUA garbage in here, just a direct, concise guide to making women want you… from a guy who is ACTUALLY qualified to teach this stuff.

And, he might just be my new favorite writer, this stuff is not just deep and helpful, but funny too.

Content Overview:

1) Inner Game – The main PDF starts out talking about “inner game”. Some people consider this a boring subject, because frankly a lot of guys talk about it in a boring way that makes it impossible to apply to your actual life. Jason Capital however broke down the inner game stuff better than probably anybody I’ve read. No kidding. I think the fact that Jason is so successful as a business man, and with women shows that he has invested a lot of thought into understanding how inner game really works, how to master it and how to teach it… great analogies and such in here.

2) Female Framework – This part is money. He breaks down a formula for attracting and connecting with a woman into 3 steps. I don’t know if he would want this part “leaked”, but it’s good, and the fact that it is three steps rather than 10 or 20, definitely helps keep everything straight. Also good tips on the different approaches for hooking up with more “wholesome” women vs. more “naughty” girls…

3) Attraction, Conversation, Moving Things Forward… The bulk of the main book is about these subjects, since after all they are pretty much the important things you need to work on for success with women. Of course some of the concepts are things you may be familiar with (think push-pull, pre-selection etc…) But, I will say that Jason has an abundance of totally new concepts here and puts new fresh spins on everything. Probably the best part are all the word-for-word examples and stories from his own life to illustrate everything that he does… 

4) Hooking Up & Lots of Bonus Stuff… The main book wraps up talking about how to wrap things up with your girl, and again Jason delivers solid advice here similar to what I do myself, very effictively. In addition there are several bonus ebooks that come with the course that dig deeper into specific subjects like body-language, getting a girl addicted to you so you can keep her around and devoted, how to always know what to say, and a great little ebook full of exact word-for-word lines you can use. Jason isn’t all about using scripted lines, but these things will come in handy especially for guys who are just getting started.

My Recommendation on Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You:

Out of all the “pua books” I’vbe read over the years, there are very few really good ones, most of which I have mentioned on this site. And Jason Capital’s Make Women Want You is undoubtedly one of the best, destined to become a classic.

I think the thing I like best about it is how effortlessly Jason makes everything seem. He has what I can only call an intuitive understanding of attracting women and passing that knowledge along to his fellow man.

This is a book every man should get on his 16th birthday! Click Here To Snag Your Copy Now


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