Get The Girl Code Review – Miss X and Mike Fiore Explain The “Desire Gap”…

by Clint

Use The "Desire Gap" To Get Your Girl...

Use The “Desire Gap” To Get Your Girl…

It’s been over a month since my last review, because unfortunately there just haven’t been any decent new programs that’ve come out since then… But, although 2014 has been sort of bleak year so far for men’s dating guides, the program I’m gonna talk about today might just make up for that!

The program is called “Get The Girl Code” and it’s from a guy who I don’t think I have ever mentioned on this site before, Michael Fiore. Mike has a great program on texting  your wife to get her in the mood (Text Your Wife Into Bed), but that is more for guys who are already in a relationship so I haven’t felt the need to review it on here yet.

However this new Girl Code (which I will refer to as GTGC for short) is for guys still looking to get the girl, so I was pretty exciting when I first heard about it, and was eager to do a review for you as it looks quite different from anything I’ve seen on the topic of girl gettin’…

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The Basic Idea Behind GTGC – What Makes It Different?

As you know (if you are a regular reader) I’m not a fan of re-hashed PUA material, so as I beagn this review I was very hopeful that GTGC would deliver some unique new insights that I hadn’t seen elsewhere…

One of the most unique things about the program is that it isn’t just Mike’s insights on women and dating that he picked up along the way, but instead the content is actually from a woman “Miss X” who taught Mike what he refers to as a “cheat code” for the female mind. And while I’ve said before that most women give horrific advice on dating/pick-up/attraction, Miss X certainly has some very interesting ideas that I think a lot of guys are going to find extremely helpful, as they are in many cases the exact opposite of what most females will tell you about what attracts them and what they respond to from guys.

Also, it is worth noting that GTGC takes a FAR-less “sleazy” approach to teaching men’s dating and attraction skills, than most of the programs that come across my desk. In fact, it’s not sleazy at all! (How could it be, the content is coming from a classy lady “Miss X”:) )

Listen, I’m not judging anyone, sometimes you may want to find a girl and get sleazy with her, and so long as you don’t hurt her feelings in any way, that’s okay with me… BUT- at the end of the day, I think we can all agree that taking the high road and being less sleazy in our pursuits just feels better in the long-run! …Not mention the fact that sleazy PUA tactics typically just don’t work on classy, intelligent, girlfriend-material women anyway!

What You Get In The “Get The Girl Code” Program…

GTGC is available online via a secure “members only” website where you can access the video training modules, listen to or download the audio, read the content, get the PDFs etc… One thing I’ll say is that Mike put the program together in a very organized, and easy to access manner. (Personally I hate it when all I get is a PDF and then I need to remember where I saved it on my computer!)

The program draws from Miss X’s experience as a beautiful, sought after woman who has a deep understanding of the female mind. Based on these insights, GTGC provides a step-by-step system that tells you exactly what you need to do to create an instant connection with woman, getting her to feel lust, and to even chase you.

A lot guys struggle getting the women they want to even notice them, let alone getting them to feel attraction and desire. So I think that for guys in that situation, this course will be a real eye-opening experience because it has a ton of great content on how to go from being a guy who is ignored or even “friend zoned” to being a guy women respond to automatically.

One of the key concepts in the course is what Miss X calls the “Desire Gap” in a woman’s mind. The desire gap is basically this huge mental and emotional gap between what a woman thinks she wants in a man, and what she actually wants and responds to in real life. You may have already experienced this a bit if you’ve had a woman tell you she wants one thing and then dates or sleeps with a guy who is the exact opposite of what she said she wants. Most guys chalk this up to women being flighty and fickle, but as you’ll see there is a lot more to it, and there is of course a way to use this to your advantage :)

You also get a ton of bonus material with this course. My favorite bonuses are “The Sexual Escalation Formula” where Miss X teaches you how to go from something harmless like holding hands with a women to getting all hot and heavy with her in no time flat, and a training called “My First Ever One Night Stand” in which Miss X goes into detail on her first one night stand and how the guy got her to want it!

Final Thoughts…

Okay… This is really a great program and something I’d recommend highly, particularly to guys who really haven’t been having much luck at all with the ladies. More successful guys who already date a lot will definitely get helpful insights from it, but I think it will be most beneficial for dudes who aren’t getting many dates at all.

This program is also cool even if you already have a few other programs on the topic because it really helps to get a female perspective, particularly when that female knows what she is talking about and wants you to succeed…

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