Facebook Seduction System Review – Is Dean Cortez For Real?

FB Seduction System

No shortage of babes on FB…

Who likes looking at hot chicks on Facebook?

…Well, if you are on this website then chances are that YOU do (I know I do!) But, that said, actually getting those hotties you see on Facebook to meet up with offline can be tricky.

That’s where a new program from Mack Tactics (and Ex Back Experts) creator Dean Cortez comes in… His new program “The FB Seduction System” claims that it makes pulling women on Facebook “easier than ordering a PIZZA” So, obviously I had to take a look at this one and let you know my thoughts on the course and it validity…

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What is the “FB Seduction System” all about and how is it different from all the other online dating guides out there…?

The Facebook Seduction System is the first (halfway decent) dating guide specifically about Facebook… There have been a few other guides on FB that have crossed my desk, but as you can see, none of them deserved to be mentioned by name because they all STUNK!

Seriously, Facebook is one of the most common places to meet women these days and it’s kind of weird that nobody else has put together any sort of training worth a damn on this. Sure, there are some decent online dating guides out there… But they don’t really pertain to FB that much… Any guy who has done match.com knows it a completely different game than FB is…

So yeah, the concept is simple… You get Dean’s complete system for how to set up your FB profile, and message women the right way so that they will be attracted to you.

According to Dean’s website the program was created in collaboration with one of Dean’s very successful students Brandon “Buckwild” Buckley who helped tailor Dean’s online dating methods (for sites like match etc…) specifically to Facebook.

Is this tested, does it really work to get girls off Facebook?

Meeting girls on Facebook is something that eluded me for a long time, and I have personally tested a lot of different stuff on there, before finding a method that works for me, and I’ve got to say it’s pretty darn close to what Dean is teaching in FB Seduction.

Of course I don’t have a complete system of my own or anything like that… But my point is that the basic idea Dean is teaching works incredibly well. Then, after explaining the basics for attracted women on FB he goes on to provide really good step-by-step instructions and “cut-n-paste” messages that you can use. I think that’s where the whole “easier than ordering a pizza” thing comes from.

So, yes it works (for me). I meet girls all the time of Facebook using the same strategies.

Final verdict on The Facebook Seduction System…

Dude, if you are like me, you work hard all week and sometimes you would just rather kick it at home and veg out online than going out to a club trying to get your mack on. It’s okay.

Personally, after trying just about every way to meet women under the sun, I’ve found that I like meeting women online… a lot. And the chicks on FB are in my experience A) Hotter and B) Less desperate for a husband than the women on Match… So that said, I think getting the Facebook Seduction System, and using Dean’s system, is a very good idea!

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