Eric Edgemont’s New Friends Into Lovers Program To Help You Out Of The Friend Zone

Friends Into Lovers Review

Turn on your female friend…

The Basics On The Program…Have you ever been stuck in the “friend zone” with a girl you really wanted? If you are like most guys out there then you have probably ended up in this situation a couple of times before, and you know how annoying it is. You like her, but she thinks of you as “just a friend” or maybe as a “big brother” and then she goes off and dates some jerk while you sit there wondering what the hell you did to deserve this.

Well, that’s where Eric Edgemont’s Friends Into Lovers program comes into play. The program is based on Eric’s own struggle with getting stuck in the friend zone with a chick and his story is sad as can be! Oh man, if you watched the video you heard about how he actually bought rubbers because she asked him to, and then she used them with another dude… Man that’s brutal!

Anyhow, this program gives you Eric’s step by step formula for getting out of the friend zone broken down into a complete audio training course, with a PDF reference manual.

The Good and The Bad On Eric’s System…

The fact is that there really aren’t too many programs specifically on getting out of the friend zone available. There are a few others I know of, but honestly they look pretty whack just from visiting the websites, so Eric’s Friends Into Lovers program can be thought of as basically the premier “friend zone busting” program on the market. He has a reputation in the dating advice community as the “go to guy” when it comes to turning your female friend into a lover.

After going through the hours of audio content, I can tell you that this guy has DEDICATED himself to getting out of the friend. I guess that’s what being stuck for years in a truly hellish friend zone experience can do to you. However, while a situation like that might make some guys resentful and bitter, Eric seems to have used the experience to transform himself, and give him a deep insight into female psychology and the nature of attraction.

There is without a doubt some really solid wisdom in this program that you will not find elsewhere that can also be applied to other women who you are not stuck in the friend zone with. For instance if you want to basically “friend zone proof” yourself, then this is course will show you what you need to do in your future interactions with women to make sure that you don’t fall into this trap.

There’s nothing all that “bad” to say about the program, except for the fact that it has a pretty narrow focus, so if for instance you are NOT in the friend zone, and if getting stuck in the friend zone is not a problem you find your self falling into, then there is probably a better course for you to learn from.

If however, getting “friend zoned” by women is a problem I’m sure you’ll get a lot of valuable insights here, I know I did…

Friends Into Lovers