Carlos Xuma’s Bad Boy Formula Review (No More Mr. Nice Guy!)

by Clint

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Bring out her “Inner Bad-Girl”…

Today I wanted to take a look at “The Bad Boy Formula” program from Carlos Xuma a guy who somehow I have yet to mention on this website… This is a really interesting program and I am excited to tell you all about this one!

=> Click Here for the Official Bad Boy Formula Website…

First, to get it out of the way I will share some notes on who I think this would be a good program for and who I think that it might not be so good for, because it’s probably not for everybody.

Then, I’ll share a little info about Carlos and my thoughts on his overall philosophy, and then I will get into talking about the content of this program and the pros and cons as I see them…

Who Is Carlos Xuma’s Program For?  

I remember hearing somebody explain this a while back and it is a GREAT description (I wish I remember who said this so that I could credit them, but oh well…) Anyhow hears the idea…

  • 85% of guys are far too PASSIVE with women, AKA “nice guys” 
  • 10% of guys are too aggressive and need to tone it down a bit to improve their results.
  • 5% of guys have tight game and don’t need to change a thing…

So, the Bad Boy Formula is good for the 85% of guys out there who, let’s be honest could stand to add a bit of “edgyness” to the way that they handle themselves around women. I know that this used to be me too so I can relate totally to being the guy who just wussed out a lot of the time…

The 10% who are too aggressive with women probably wouldn’t be the best suited  for this program because they actually need to learn how to be a bit nicer and gentler and hold back. Honestly I think that guys like this might actually get a lot out of this program because it would give them insight into what they are doing wrong (some of the over board “jerk” stuff…) But I doubt that too many guys like this end up reading dating guides, if so I haven’t met them…

Obviously if you are in the 5% who is already awesome with women then you are good… But if you ever find yourself being put in the “friend zone” or just not being able to approach and make a play for women that you are attracted to because you feel shy, then this will definitely be of interest to you.

NOTE: An important theme in this program is that being a bad boy is not the same as being a jerk. In fact, Carlos runs through the entire spectrum of male behavior, from the super non-threatening and unmasculine “nice guy” through the bad boy spectrum all the way to the total jerks that treat women badly, obviously this program does not in any way encourage treating women disrespectfully or cruelly.

Moving On… Let’s Talk About Carlos Xuma, The “Alpha Man” Expert…

Carlos is actually one of the first guys who I studied and started learning all of this great stuff from. he has been around for a solid decade and is still one of the moist popular dating gurus out there. And in this world where PUAs and dating coaches comes and go every month that is saying something.

To sum up the Carlos Xuma experience, this is the guy who really introduced the idea of inner game and being an “alpha man” to the online dating advice community. He has about a bazillion different programs out for guys on topics ranging from texting, to getting a girlfriend, to keeping a girlfriend, to more general social skill development stuff, seduction, conversation etc… The man is super prolific.

For inner game, his stuff is about the best you can find, and after reading probably thousands of pages of his material and listening to days worth LOL, he hasn’t said anything that I completely disagreed with. And a lot of it is pretty damn enlightening.

My Bad Boy Formula Review…

The Bad Boy Formula: How To Trigger Instant Sexual Attraction In Women Without Being A Jerk. Okay cool, I think that is something that most of us can relate to. I mean heck, I love triggering instant sexual attraction in women, that is the BEST!

Let’s talk about the content:

One thing about Carlos Xuma, he never leaves you feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth. I mean he delivers a ton of content, from PDFs, to audios, to videos, to mind maps, to bonus material, interviews etc… I can honestly say he is the king of content.

But of course, the important thing is WHAT you learn, how applicable it is to your unique situation, and whether you get reults with it. Here’s my Pros and Cons list regarding that…


  • 1) This is probably the most in depth program ever for nice guys who need to be rehabilitated. In all of Carlos’ Dating Dynamics products he talks about this concept of the Alpha Man. Who is more assertive and therefore more successful than the suplicating “nice guy” who tries to weasel his way into a girls pants by being “nice”.
  • 2) Deep stuff on the mindset of the Bad Boy. The core of the bad boy’s success is how he thinks, and Carlos goes deep into this, explaining why the bad boy mindset propels the bad boy to success as well as providing extensive exercises for developing this mind set.
  • 3) Fully Mapped Out Bad Boy Methodology… In addition to explaining how to think like a bad boy, Carlos maps out what the bad boy does and how his actions lead to success.Even if you are used to going about things as a total nice guy and trying to “be her friend first”… (ick)


  • Not For Everybody - As I discussed, this program really isn’t for everybody. If you feel like you are an assertive guy who doesn’t have any “nice guy” issues to speak of then you would probably do better with a program that zeros in on whatever is holding you back from total success…. For lots of guys though, this “nice guy behavior” is a real killer though.

Final Thoughts On CX’s Bad Boy Formula: 

We have all seen it happen, some great girl we like getting scooped
up by some bad boy who acts like he just doesn’t give a sh*t at all. The truth is, the way he thinks and the way he acts around women is far more attractive than the “nice guy” game most guys kick…

At this point in my development, I consider myself a bad boy, and it rocks! So props to Xuma for teaching the world his killer formula. Click Here to Download the Bad Boy Formula Now!

And remember, nice guys finish last — and bad boys finish…

– – inside her… True story. ;)

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