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No words...

No words…

Well, the last month or two have been a bit slow in the world of dating advice for men… But 2013 is kicking off with what may prove to be a rather epic release, Brad P’s “10 Minute Seduction” program.

Brad P is a guy who has been around the dating/pick up advice community for quite a while, he’s probably better known for teaching high end seminars and boot camps and that type of thing, rather than making home study courses.

If you aren’t familiar with Brad, various websites have rated him the #1 Pick Up Artist in the world, and he is notorious for having a controversial, no-holds barred approach to picking up and escalating with women very quickly.

You may also be familiar with Brad’s “Fashion Bible” which has been pretty much the de facto fashion guide for guys who want to get laid since it came out (this fashion guide plus 5 more of Brad’s programs come included with this new 10 Minute Seduction package… Which is frankly pretty insane.)

What Is 10 Minute Seduction?

Seducing a woman in just ten minutes might sound a little bit crazy, but if you are a guy who has been to college or hung out in bars where “fast women” are to be found then you probably realize that it is indeed totally achievable if you meet the right woman, who is also looking to hook-up in a ridiculously short time frame… Yep, they are out there.

Brad is known as one of the leading experts on this kind of super, super fast escalation and in his 10 Minute Seduction program he is sharing the tactics he uses to make this kind of thing happen regularly.

I think it is important to note that unlike some other guys who *claim* these kinds of results, this is something Brad is known for and have taught in this expensive boot camps for years now. In fact this guy has what he calls “pick up mansions” where guys eagerly move in to immerse themselves in Brad’s teachings… (of course that’s kinda expensive and not an option for a lot of guys.)

So if you are a guy who wants to learn how to go out, indentify women who are looking to hook up quick and then have a paint by numbers system for moving things from zero to 60 in 10 minutes… This is definitely something worth taking a look at. Brad shares a bit of insight into how this is done on his website here.

Pros And Cons For Brad P’s program…

If you are thinking about picking this up, here are my thoughts on what’s good and bad about the program…


  1. Only course of it’s kind by a certified 10 minute pulls expert. not really much to say here. There are other guys out there who are good at teaching dating and pick up stuff, no doubt,but when it comes to seriously fast seduction, Brad is widely respected as the king of this.
  2. Comes with 5 Additional Courses – This is actually pretty damn unusual… Right now Brad has included 5 more full products for free when guys get this program. I haven’t been able to get through all of this material yet but it’s pretty phenomenal in terms of what he is giving away here. Personally I think the 10 Minute Seduction program itself is a pretty valuable course (if used by someone who will actually USE it and put it into action) but these days it seems like all the PUA/dating gurus are trying to give you the most possible content so you’ll get their course instead of somebody elses, and that is freakin’ sweet for the end user… The courses included are “Interviews With Naturals: Buzzy – Master of Threesomes”, “Interviews With Naturals: Joe Natural Uncensored”, How To Beat Approach Anxiety, Brad’s Fashion Bible, and Instant Attraction. These each used to be quite expensive and sold seperately. The Buzzy interview is my pick, I know tthis is most guys ultimate fantasy, and it’s something I definitely recommend guys experience at some point!


  1. Dirty? – If you are a guy looking for PG-13 dating advice on how to meet and court a girl and take her on “coffee dates”… Then this might be a bit intense for you. While I personally don’t consider this kind of material “dirty” it could potentially be upsetting for a sheltered guy, or a guy who has issues around getting physical with women, like if you don’t want to hear about how to get a girls clothes off in ten minutes, or how to get two girls in your bed at once.


All in all, I think this package delivers A LOT of content that guys want and that really isn’t available elsewhere. Also, as of right now this program is being offered by “invitation only” so the deal on this isn’t being widely publicized. Definitely something every single guy who wants more action should try out…

Click here to see if 10 Minute Seduction is still available:

10 Minute Seduction