Asa Akira Teaches Sex Review – Become a SEX GOD?


Teach ME Asa!

Okay fellas… good, good stuff today ;) Instead of talking about the usual “how to pick up chicks” type of programs we usually focus on, today we’ll be taking a look at a course called “Asa Akira Teaches Sex”.

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As you can imagine from the title, this program is all about improving your, shall we say “intimacy skills” ie. becoming a better lover so as to more properly satisfy your lady, or your many ladies if you are living more of a player lifestyle.

Personally I think that these sorts of bedroom skills are some of the most important, yet overlooked and under-emphasized skills that a man can develop, so I was very eager to take a look at this program to see if it was something worth recommending to you.

After all, there are probably a couple thousand courses on how to talk to women, how to text women etc… And that sort of thing, but bedroom skills are usually not even discussed at all in those programs, and I think that being a good lover is one of the most important parts of having a healthy relationship… Plus, when you know that you are THE MAN in the bedroom it definitely helps you feel more confident in all your interactions with women you are interested in.

Who Is Asa Akira And What Is This Course All About?

Asa Akira was voted in as the 2013 Adult Actress of the year, and as such she is someone with A LOT of bedroom experience. Now of course we all have our own tastes in women. I think she’s pretty hot for sure… But no matter what your type is you will definitely be impressed by the line-up of super hot stars that Asa has recruited to assist her in this training program.

In the program Asa provides detailed explanations on everything from foreplay, through every stage of intimately satisfying a woman.  And, in addition to these descriptions on various methods and techniques Asa an her co-stars like Romi Rain, Monique Alexander, Capri Cavanni, Marcus London, and Dana DeArmond (just to name a few) actually demonstrate all of the techniques on HD video, to ensure that you completely understand exactly what you are doing… And basically teaches you how to become an elite, highly skilled lover, by teaching you all sorts of techniques and methods for intimately pleasing your woman…

My Opinion On Asa Akira Teaches Sex:

Compared to all the dating and pick-up programs I review, this one was a nice change of pace… Not only were all of the girls hot looking, which made it fun to watch, but the content itself was really high quality, professionally put together, and it was the kind of information you can’t find anywhere else.

I have been through a few other “how to be a good lover” courses, but I haven’t mentioned them on this site because I felt like the information was just run-of the mill, common sense stuff that has been around forever. Asa Teaches Sex on the other hand is completely different. This is some high level information that I’m sure only a TINY percentage of the population has any idea about…

So if you bust these techniques out on your chick, you can just about guarantee that she will never have seen anything like them before. So between the fact that it is a lot of fun to watch, and super educational, AND the fact that these techniques will blow your woman’s mind… I HIGHLY recommend the program! Click Below For Instant Access To Asa Akira Teaches Sex…

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