Alex Carter’s “Impulsive Desire Method” – Will It Make Her Desire You?


… Uncage her desire!

Hey, interesting review today… This program “The Impulsive Desire Method” is from a guy I had never heard of before named Alex Carter.

Note: This is a review – if you are looking for the official website click here.

Obviously most of the lesser known “PUA” guys and wanna-be dating coaches don’t get mentioned on my site, but after reviewing Alex’s course, I think this is something you might want to learn more about.

This is a course that is kinda unique because it’s all about changing the way that women respond to you using a “formula” that gets her feeling impulsive, wild and UNTAMED! Ha, untamed, that’s what we want :)

According to Alex all women have something called the “impulsive brain” this is the part of the brain that takes over when you are gambling, so that you just impulsively keep going and going, even when rationally speaking you should probably just cash out your chips and call it a night.

When a person is gambling, and wins they get a surge of “pleasure hormones” throughout their body and they are basically on an emotional high, although a temporary one. The idea with Alex’s program is to get a woman to feel that same kind of impulsive emotional high any and every time she is around you, so that she becomes almost addicted to that feeling.

What’s unique about Alex’s Method?

Unlike a lot of other guides, Alex’s “Make Her Desire You” method focuses on triggering DESIRE rather than simply attraction. “What’s the difference?” you might ask.  Well, it’s actually quite simple really…

If a chick is attracted to you, she’ll see you as a “do-able” or “date-able” guy and want to be around you, to go out with you etc… However, she will probably see a lot of guys as attractive, so she may not necessarily choose to be with you if she has other attractive options. On the other hand, when a girl has an impulsive desire for you, she’s gonna feel like you are the only guy capable of making her feel that special way.

So personally, I’d much rather get a girl to feel impulsive desire rather than just “attraction”.

What You Learn…

One of the coolest things about this course is that it’s loaded with very specific techniques you can use to trigger this impulsive desire… This is great because you have a lot of tactics to choose from, and the way you use them is explained very clearly, so you can just take them and put them into action on any girl you want…

Here are a couple of my fave techniques from the program:

  • The Vacuum Technique — This is a way to reveal your vulnerability to a woman. I know, we’ve been taught not to appear vulnerable, it doesn’t sound like a good idea, and I don’t actually feel like “revealing my vulnerability”, at all – but dude this is actually a freaking money technique! Basically what this does is it creates this powerful emotional bond because it causes an emotional response that is so deeply ingrained in a woman’s psychology that she’s basically hardwired to respond to it…
  • The Mouse and Cheese Method — This one is used to ramp up the intensity of attraction over time.  Basically, once you learn how to manipulate the emotional-desire triggers, you can get her to do anything for your attention (sneaky stuff…)
  • Furious Magnet Technique—This one can be used to pull back your ex after a break up. I love that the guide has an entire technique specifically designed for this… it can certainly benefit you if you’re hoping to rekindle the flames of desire from your ex-girl…
  • The Direct-Indirect Technique — Want to manipulate her “psychological trigger points” to get her to do whatever you want, AND make her think it was all her idea? Bwahahahah! That’s what I call some serious reverse psychology action.

Advantages…  Alex’s program is full of super clear and easy to use techniques. And because these are all psychology-based techniques, they can benefit men in more than just dating. This can also help guys who just want to pick up girls for the night or guys who want to improve their everyday relationships with other people, girlfriend, co-workers etc… There’s also an audio version of the course, which is my preferred way to learn this stuff…

Disadvantages… While Alex’s techniques are impressive and there has been a lot of positive feedback from guys who have used the system, some may find the techniques to be a little strange, as I noted with that “vacuum technique”… That said, I’d encourage you to approach them with an open mind.

The Verdict:

This is a great course for any guy interested in psychology, and in learning specific methods to trigger and sustain female desire…I’ve been testing Alex’s material out on a couple of girls and the results have frankly been shockingly good. Click Here to download Alex’s Impulsive Desire System now!