Adam Gilad’s Dating Younger Women Program Review – Bring On The Coeds!

Date a younger woman

Nothing wrong with dating younger women….

Today I’m going to be looking at a new guide on how to attract and date younger women from “Hef” himself AKA Adam Gilad.

Adam’s new program, simply named “The Dating Younger Women Program” has just been released and I was very eager to take a look at this one…  This topic of how to date younger girls is something that isn’t really addressed by to many “PUA” dating guides which seem to be aimed at young, inexperienced 20-something year old guys. And based on the emails I receive from readers it seems like a large portion, like over 50% of the guys who visit this website are over 30 or 35, so it is good to get this information out to you guys…

This is a rather in depth review, click here if you are just looking for the official website.

What is the idea behind Adam’s “Dating Younger Women” course?

Let’s face it, most of us guys over 30 prefer dating women at least slightly younger than us… And a lot of men in their 40s, 50s and beyond enjoy dating women CONSIDERABLY younger…. But, for a lot of dudes the idea of dating a hot 24 year old chick seems like some sort of crazy fantasy that will never come true.

Adam on the other hand, lives this “fantasy life” full of hot younger women, and in his course, he attempts to show his fellow man how we can experience the same kind of awesome lifestyle full of young beautiful lovers too.

This is a life Adam has described as being akin to living on a “planet of eternal springtime” and I must admit that it sounds pretty damn good.

Now, to be honest I am myself only on the cusp of being an “older guy” as Adam explains it, so I don’t really have the personal experience of what it is like to be a 50 year old guy trying to pick up a 25 year old girl… But I can imagine there are definitely similarities between that and my own experiences as a guy in his mid-thirties trying to mack on 20 year olds (yes, I like dating younger women too :) )

Why Adam says us older guys still have a shot…

Now, as I mentioned, a lot of guys really don’t think that they can get with the most desirable twenty-something women because they figure that women that age want younger guys. Or, guys figure that younger women will only date an older guy if he is really loaded, in shape, high status, and so on…

Adam however says that many young women are secretly “crying out” for older, experienced men to fulfill there fantasies and make them feel things that the “man-boys” their own age just aren’t capable of. He explains that many girls in their 20s and early 30s want a man who is experienced and knows how to connect and inspire a young women, and who has the patience to really listen to her and make her feel appreciated and adored…

Makes sense, and I’ve definitely seen this to be the case.

My opinion on the course…

First off, I should say that I really like where Adam’s head is at when it comes to understanding younger women and what they are looking for in a man. He has a classy approach to dating younger women in a way that is very respectful, honest, and that intends to enrich the lives of both parties.

That said, I was also very impressed by the training materials provided in the course. Unlike a lot of courses that are haphazardly thrown together, Adam has a very well laid out approach to getting this information across to you. He has been teaching guys these sorts of personal development strategies/dating skills for quite a while (as discussed in our reviews of his courses like Instant Confidence With Women and Deep Online Attraction…) and really seems to have things down pat at this point.

There are several things I think will be very valuable to guys looking to date younger women but I’ll briefly mention a few of my favorite bits…

1) Adam’s explanation of what NOT to do. As you may have figured out by now, success with women of any age has a lot to do with what you DON’T do, and older guys very commonly make a number of mistakes that intantly turn off younger women and get them labeled as “old creepers”… Adam shows how to approach, attract and date younger women smoothly so that you never run into these issues and instead have her more attracted to you BECAUSE of you age and experience.

2) Conversation stuff. While there is a great deal of info on mindset stuff, stuff you sub-communicate and so forth to attract younger women, I think that most guys will agree that the conversation training is some the most crucial information. Adam provide step-by-step instructions and solutions to common things you may run into with a younger woman like if she says something like, “don’t you think you are a bit old for me?”

3) Meeting Younger Women Online. Adam has been a master at the online stuff for years, and he is the old guy I know of with a comprehensive system SPECIFICALLy for meeting younger women online. Plus I learned all about the little known sites where younger women seek out older guys (note: I signed up and am f#@cking amazed.)

My Verdict…

If you are an older guy like 35 or older this is really the only course that you should ever need to absolutely crush it with younger women.

It is a phenomenal course, with tons of valuable insights.

Not really much more to say about it. If you like younger women, and want to date them in a dignified, classy way, then this one is for you… Click Here to get your copy of Adam Gilad’s Dating Younger Women Program now!